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Mox Bank (Virtual Bank) has launched its latest welcome offer. New customers can use the following exclusive invitation code/promotion code ( AMSFZG ) from YOMO, to apply for a Mox Card and Mox Credit credit card (No matter approve or not), and you will receive HKD200 cash rebate immediately after your accumulated spending of HKD200 using within 30 days (starting from the day of application) .

If you just apply for Mox Card, you will only receive HKD50 rebate after your accumulated spending of HKD200 within 30 days (starting from the day of application)

The promotion is till 31 December 2021. Please check other latest welcoming offers provided by us.

YOMO x Mox Exclusive Invitation Code/Promotion Code/Referral Code (Remember to copy the promotion code!!!)


What is Mox Credit?

Mox is a virtual bank fully instigated by Standard Chartered Bank. It was established in conjunction with PCCW (PCCW), Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), which leads Hong Kong’s telecommunications, leisure and entertainment services, and, the largest online travel service provider in Asia. Mox provides all-in-one personal banking services and various life benefits to help you build wealth and open up your world and possibilities.

Mox Credit is the latest credit card launched by Mox Bank. The biggest difference from Mox Card is that Mox Credit is not a Debit card, so even if the Mox Card does not have enough balance, you can pay the money first and find the number. Of course, since it is a credit card, you need to provide proof of assets. After approval by Mox, the credit limit will be approved, and the process is very fast.

After you enable Mox Credit , remember to set instructions in the Mox App to pay monthly, which is equivalent to applying for Autopay.

Of course, you can consume immediately afterwards, and you can earn an unlimited 10% Cashback* rebate at specific merchants. Mox Credit supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Mox Card account opening process

YOMO x Mox Exclusive Invitation Code/Promotion Code Referral Code (Remember to copy the promotion code!!!)

  1. As long as you download Mox app in Apple App Store / Google Play
    iOS App Store:
    Google Play: apps/details?
  2. Fill in the Yomo exclusive invitation code ( AMSFZG ) in the appropriate column and complete the account opening process
  3. The Mox app will inform you that your Mox account has been successfully activated (and its electronic Mox Card can be used) (“the account opening day “);
  4. From the day of account opening and within 30 days thereafter, complete one or more ” successful transactions ” (regardless of online or physical transactions) with Mox Card , and you can get HKD100 cash rebate after spending not less than HKD$100 according to cumulative transaction amount

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