VBroker Valuable Capital Invitation Code – Up to $1488 Welcoming Offers for stock trading

From July 1st to July 31st, new users who register for the VBroker App through the YOMO referral link will give you up to $1488 new customer welcome offers for a limited time, including $600 cash coupons, Lv2 streaming quotes for Hong Kong stocks, and $300 new shares Subscription coupons. 6 transactions to Xiaomi, 66 transactions to Meituan, 666 transactions to Tencent! For details, please click the link below. The offer is subject to terms and conditions.

Please refer to Chinese version for latest updates

Exclusive referral link for YOMO x VBroker Valuable Capital Securities Account opening:


VBroker Valuable Capital Account Opening Welcome Offer Details

From now till 31/7 , whoever registered and opened an account via Yomo referral link from July 1st to July 31st:

Valuable Capital’s 5th Anniversary Celebration! Give a gift of $1488 for a limited time to help you send it out for the rest of your life! Only this one time!
(1) Account opening reward: $600 cash coupon, unlimited free commission for Hong Kong stocks
(2) Streaming reward: $288 streaming quote (first deposit 20,000 HKD)
(3) IPO reward: $300 IPO coupon ($100 financing coupon, $50 cash 2 subscription coupons each) IPO is drawn for free!
(4) Reward for rollover: $300 cash voucher (send over 10,000 for transfer!)
(5) Reward for transaction: 6 transactions for Xiaomi, 66 for Meituan, and 666 for Tencent! (Hong Kong and US stock trading, as of 7.15)

Activity rules: https://hk.vbkr.com/hd/activities/5th-trade/#/rule

VBroker Valuable Capital App Point Campaign 

You can sign in every day and complete tasks every day to earn points to redeem different market cards. With only 6000 points, you can redeem the Hong Kong stock LV2 Hong Kong stock market (worth $418)

Exclusive Hong Kong stocks LV2 premium market price

You only need to open an account through the above YOMO referral link , and you only need to deposit HKD 20,000 after opening the account, you can get one month of free Hong Kong stocks LV2 premium quotes, and after one month you can buy Hong Kong stocks LV2 Hong Kong stocks quotes at a discounted price of HKD $288 ( Futu needs HKD $418).

*Prices are subject to change, please refer to VBroker Valuable Capital App for details

Why buying Lv2 streaming quotes of Hong Kong stocks?

If there is no Lv2 in Hong Kong stocks, you need to refresh manually every time to see the streaming quotes, and you can only see the first 20 quotes. If you do Day Trade, it is very important.

Quote functionBMP basic marketLV2 streaming offer
Quotation speedManual refreshLive Update
Handicap data/10 gears
Deal by deal/stand by
Brokerage queue/stand by
Hong Kong stocks/stand by
Index constituents/stand by
Market overview20 stocksLive Update

Ended Offer

June 2021:

(1) Account opening reward: $600 cash coupon, unlimited free commission for Hong Kong stocks
(2) Streaming reward: $288 Hong Kong stocks Lv2 streaming quote (first deposit of 20,000 HKD)
(3) IPO reward: $300 IPO coupons ($100 financing coupons,
( 2) $50 cash subscription coupons each) (4) Rollover reward: $300 cash coupon (you will get a cash coupon of more than 10,000 yuan!)
(5) Invitation reward: invite friends to download the app and get up to $300 cash coupon!

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