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Youtube has become a good helper to accompany everyone during the fight against the epidemic at home or during free time. When you are bored, you can watch variety shows, Youtuber short videos, movies, and TV shows. But just because you spend a lot of time at home for entertainment, do you want to watch YouTube videos on your mobile phone or computer with zero ads? So how can you watch YouTube videos without ads on your mobile phone or computer at an ultra-low-cost? Use VPN tools to watch YouTube videos across regions without ads? The editor has been using YouTube Premium for more than 1 year, and we found that you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for as little as HKD$2.41 (ARS $29.77 /US $0.31 / NT $8.68) per month through the teaching of this article, which is equivalent to the price of a bottle of water.

Youtube Premium Pros

The editor lists the benefits of Youtube Premium for yourself

  • The family plan can be used by 6 people at the same time, and the method described in the article can save money . It is as low as HKD$2.41 (ARS $29.77 /US $0.31 / NT $8.68) per month , which is equivalent to the price of a bottle of water.
  • Youtube mobile app and YouTube web version have no ads (if you use Adblock , you can’t make YouTube App ad-free)
  • You can download YouTube videos from the Youtube App mobile app for offline playback
  • iOS users continue playing YouTube videos in background (if you only want to listen to YouTube video, or you suddenly want to chat with your friends while watching the video, you can switch apps at any time without pausing YouTube video playback)
  • iOS users can go to the YouTube web version to PIP , which means watching videos while playing games or using other applications
  • Use YouTube Music to play massive songs online or offline, which can replace Spotify, Apple Music, KKBox, Joox, Moov and other music streaming platforms (basically more music than other platforms)

Youtube Premium Charges in different regions

The table shows the charges of Youtube Premium in different regions in ascending order based on charges. Cheapest at the top. So you will have a question, how to join the cheapest one? Please check the tutorial below.

Country / RegionCurrencyPersonal monthly fee (calculated according to the currency of the region)Charges (HK$ )
Hong KongHKD6868
New ZealandNZD1686.4

YouTube Premium features

  • Youtube
    • Zero ad videos: Enjoy millions of videos without being disturbed by ads
    • Download videos for offline viewing: save videos and playlists to mobile devices and play them offline
    • Background playback: continue to play the video when using other applications or turning off the screen
    • Youtube Originals Videos
  • YouTube music
    • Use the new and improved “YouTube Music” app to easily explore the world of music
    • Music with zero ads: listen to millions of songs without being disturbed by ads
    • Download music for offline listening: save music and playlists to the “YouTube Music” app and play them offline
    • Background playback: continue to play music when using other applications or turning off the screen
  • YouTube Kids
    • Use the YouTube Kids app to play offline without being disturbed by ads

Youtube Originals

Similar to Netflix’s self-produced drama series, it is the exclusive self-made content provided by YouTube for Youtube Premium members, such as The Deported. Most of the exclusive content will appear on the YouTube Originals channel, and the word Premium will be displayed under the title of the video

Why Purchase Youtube Premium and family plan SUBSCRIPTION in other regions

It’s rather expensive if you purchase Youtube Premium in regions like the United States, UK, Hong Kong, here’s examples

Hong Kong Youtube Premium Fee

For example, if you subscribe to the YouTube Premium service in Hong Kong, the personal monthly fee is HKD$68 (US $8.76 / NT $245.42)

Hong Kong Youtube Premium Family Plan (Family Plan) costs HKD$98 (US $12.62 / NT $353.78). If six people use it together (up to five friends can be added), each person needs HKD$ 16.33 (US $2.1 / NT $58.94). Although it’s not very expensive, it’s an expense every month.

Argentina Youtube Premium

However, if you subscribe to the Argentina version of Youtube Premium, the Argentina Youtube Premium Family Plan will get 85% off which is approximately HKD$14.46 (ARS $179 /US $1.86 / NT $52.2). If six people use it together (up to five friends can be added), that is Each person only needs HKD$2.41 per month (ARS $29.77 /US $0.31 / NT $8.68), which is cheaper than bottled water!

How to Subscribe YouTube Premium in Argentina

NordVPN x YOMO exclusive up to 31% off + 3 months free for 2-year plan (Thanks for Support)
Tutorial on Subscribing Argentina Youtube Premium With VPN
Use / Purchase VPN service for the subscription of Argentina YouTube Premium
YouTube will display an offered price if you are in Argentina, otherwise, it will display your current local price, so you need to switch to Argentina with VPN Service.

If you have not subscribed to any VPN service, you can use the following YOMO x NordVPN exclusive discount offer (to be honest, this is the cheapest price), I have tested NordVPN connection and there is no problem at all, Of course, VPN is not just for subscribing Argentina YouTube Premium. If you are interested, please refer to the following article in detail. This article only lists the following highlights
Visit Youtube Premium Page
You only need to connect to the VPN, and when you go to the YouTube Premium purchase page with your computer, the price of the Argentine version will be automatically displayed, without additional settings, choose the plan you want (the editor recommends you to use a cheaper family plan), Click the free trial button to continue
Youtube Premium subscription link:
Fill in credit card information and Argentina address with Postal Code in Youtube Premium Ordering Page
A) Please check the red part, Your plan (Youtube Premium individual or family plan) and the monthly fee in ARS (ARS 179)
B) The green part needs to fill in the Argentina address information. The editor uses the Random Address Generator for the sample. You can get a random address here as well.
> Random Address Generator:
Setup Done and Good to go
Done, Youtube will automatically charge monthly payments, no need to connect to VPN anymore and do any settings (unless your credit card is invalid)

Successful Case Of Purchasing India Youtube Premium

The editor is joining Youtube Premium using the above method with the proven screenshots below, to ensure that the method is working. (Although India Youtube Premium is not allowing new subscriptions due to India Policies, the Argentina Youtube Premium will works ).

How to purchase India YouTube Premium (temporarily invalid)

Youtube quotes the eMandate notice of the Reserve Bank of India: Based on the eMandate notice of the Reserve Bank of India, viewers in India can only purchase non-recurring channel memberships, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium services for the time being. New non-recurring members will lose their membership after 1 month. If you want to retain the channel membership, you must re-apply to join. Unless the membership is cancelled, existing members can still pay the recurring membership fees as usual (that is, if you have already joined as a member using Youtube Premium India before June 2021, nothing happens).

Please read the Argentina Youtube Premium tutorial. Thanks You!


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