[TOKYO2020] How to Watch Free Live Broadcast of Tokyo Olympics 2020? Tutorial (With Live Links and Schedules))

The editor doesn’t usually have much interest in sports. Hong Kong will have free live stream of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for free this time on the official website and app of the free TV channel.

Free live broadcast of Tokyo Olympics 2020 TV station links

Every corner of the world may not have a free 2020 2020 Tokyo Olympics live, but most of the participating countries or regions can be viewed on their free TV platform Tokyo 2020 Olympic tournament , including the opening ceremony and closing ceremony.


Hong Kong viewers can watch free Olympic live broadcasts on multiple free TVs and pay TVs

Now TV

Now TV has set up nine free dedicated channels (Ch 601-609) for this Tokyo Olympics 2020. From July 21st, it will provide live broadcasts of the most concerned events and the most exciting game screens:

601-602 Taiwan will focus directly on Hong Kong athletes’ events and capture the popular sports that Hong Kong audiences are concerned about.
603 24-hour uninterrupted Olympic first-hand news and information.
604-609 Olympic official channels will fully cover the facts of the games inside and outside the stadium.

All viewers in Hong Kong can watch the nine Olympic channels for free through the Now mobile app and related webpages. Now TV customers can also watch the highlights and watch the events on the Olympic page on their own optional services.

NowTV Now Player website: https://nowplayer.now.com/olympics


“Olympics has something to choose” Viu TALKER injects new momentum into the narration! ViuTV has recruited representatives of young Hong Kong athletes to watch the Olympics with everyone! There are active Hong Kong women’s high jump representative and record holder Yang Wenwei, 2008 Beijing Olympics Hong Kong men’s road bike representative Hu Jianshen, Hong Kong karate athlete Li Jiawei, Hong Kong women’s basketball representative Zhuo Ting, etc.

“Olympic Goods” will be broadcast live on a number of popular Olympic events daily from July 24 to August 8, and on the 16th at 6:30 p.m., featuring Johnny, Ma Qiren (Keyman), Chen Anli, Chen Jiaqian and Shen Yinyi served as the host.

Want to pay attention to Fans of Error and Internet celebrities

Or Fans who just want to pay attention to Error can watch the “A Night With Groups in the Olympics” broadcasted every night at 11:30 through the following channels for free, which will summarize the full-day event. Hosted by Error, Johnny, Keyman, Chen Anli, Chen Jiaqian and Shen Yinyi

ViuTV website schedule and live broadcast review: https://olympics.viu.tv/

Fans who want to listen to English narration

Please watch ViuTV6

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Public TV, Elda TV, and Dongsen TV have obtained the broadcasting rights of Dong Olympics 2020, and Hami Video can watch the Tokyo Olympics 2020 live for free.

Live public television

Alda TV Live

Dongsen TV Live

HamiVideo free live streaming

Use VPN to seamlessly switch countries and regions

If you want to watch live broadcasts of the Tokyo Olympic 2020 in other regions, you can use VPN. VPN allows you to be in different countries and watch live movies in different regions, including Netflix and iTV. It can make your Internet safer and protect your privacy.

SurfShark VPN  is the fastest-rising VPN brand in recent years. I believe everyone has seen multiple SurfShark VPN   advertisementsfrom different Youtubers. Firstly , SurfShark VPN is  willing to spend marketing expenses to make publicity, and secondly, it is indeed the cheapest VPN on the market. high. If you have watched Youtube ads and come to see  the benefits of SurfShark VPN , that’s right. (In addition, there are exclusive discounts on this website, please pay attention to it)

Surfshark VPN x YOMO exclusive up to 10% off: (please support me:))


The monthly fee is only $2.49 monthly fee to enjoy unlimited VPN device connections. If you find it does not meet your expectations after the purchase , you can apply for a refund (30-day money-back guarantee)

SurfShark VPN  implements a100% RAM-Only Servercaching VPN server to ensure that data will not be permanently stored. There are more than3,200servers and the latestWireGuard2.0 VPN protocol isinstalled on all servers. SurfShark VPN  in the recent U.S. authoritative website CNET 2021 best VPN speed test, significantly surpassed the expensiveNord VPNand ExpressVPN.

How to use VPN to watch the Tokyo Olympics 2020 live streaming teaching

Surfshark VPN x YOMO exclusive up to 10% off:

  1. First use YOMO exclusive referral link to register SurfShark VPN  circumvention tool and download it
  2. Turn on the VPN and select the country where you want to watch the video/live broadcast, such as Hong Kong
  3. Clear Cookies (Chrome Extension to clear cookies can be used)
  4. One-click connection to the designated country
  5. After connecting, open the video streaming platform/live link to watch the videos/live videos on the country and region

How to watch the Tokyo Olympics 2020 across districts

If you are in the UK or abroad , you want to watch Hong Kong’s free live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics

  1. Use Surfshark VPN or other VPN services to switch to Hong Kong
  2. Go to the NowTV Now Player website or other free channels listed in this article https://nowplayer.now.com/olympics
  3. Click on the channel you want to watch
  4. Use Surfshark VPN or other VPN services to switch to Hong Kong

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